Description of the competition

Extreme E’s five-race global voyage – spanning four continents – will highlight the impact of climate change and human activity on some of the world’s most remote locations, while promoting sustainability and the adoption of electric vehicles to help protect the planet.

Extreme E’s revolutionary battery-electric, 400kw (550hp), 1650-kilogram, 2.3-metre wide ODYSSEY 21 E-SUV is bespoke from the ground up. Capable of firing from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds, at gradients of up to 30 percent. It’s unlike anything else out there.

The Scientific Committee, which includes climate experts from Cambridge and Oxford Universities, will advise the organisers on the series’ education and research programmes, event logistics and impact as well as the recommendation of positive legacy initiatives which support local communities in each race location.

Extreme E is the first sport built out of concern for the climate crisis. The series’ goal is to use electric racing to highlight remote environments under threat of climate change issues, and to encourage us all to take positive action to protect our planet’s future.

As well as its overall mission, Extreme E is committed to minimising its series footprint wherever possible across its events, logistics and operations, and offset the unavoidable via our local legacy projects.

Each X Prix Race Weekend will include two days of all-action, short, sharp wheel-to-wheel racing, world-class drivers and teams, and the cutting-edge ODYSSEY 21 electric SUV, with its five stunning, formidable environments, all firmly in focus.


Two days of racing – Saturday and Sunday.
One full battery charge per day for each team.

Each team races twice on Saturday, in Qualifying 1 and Qualifying 2.

Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2 (Crazy Race) and Final on Sunday.

Each race is two laps – one lap driven by the female and one lap driven by the male.

All results based on race finishing position, not time.


Three races held on Sunday:
Semi-Final 1, Semi-Final 2 (Crazy Race) and Final.

4 cars in each race.

Choice of track starting position for Semi-Finals based on points order after Qualifying rounds.

First three finishing teams from Semi-Final 1 and winning driver from Semi-Final 2 qualify for the Final.

Choice of track starting position for Finals based on finishing position in Semi-Finals.

Standby team for the Final to be the fourth placed team in Semi-Final 1.


Teams will field one male and one female driver, promoting gender equality and a level playing field amongst competitors.

Each driver will complete one lap behind the wheel, with a changeover incorporated into the race format. The teams will determine which driver goes first to best suit their strategy and driver order selections are made confidentially, with competitors kept in the dark as to other teams’ choices until the cars reach the start-line. Contests between males and females will therefore be ensured.


X Prix circuits will also incorporate natural challenges that will leave viewers at the edge of their seats, and drivers and teams will be pushed right to the limits of their abilities; with hazards to navigate and defeat such as extreme gradients, jumps, banks, berms, pits, dunes and water splashes.